Kim Kimble Responds to Reports She Got Fired By Nicki Minaj: 'Eagles Soar Above Pettiness, They Don't Hang with Chickens' [Video]

Kim Kimble wants you to know she’s an eagle.

In a video posted to Instagram, Kim shares a message for ‘chickens’ trying to bring her down with pettiness.

“I am blessed and highly favored I am what God says I am. eagles always fly above pettiness I encourage all eagle to fly and don’t let chickens tell you otherwise.”

She doesn’t exactly say what chickens she’s referring to, but it’s not a coincidence this clip came a day after she made headlines for allegedly being fired by Nicki Minaj.

Whether she’s calling Nicki a chicken, the ‘barbz’ chickens, or both — Kim wants to make SURE you know she’s an eagle and above it all.

Take a look:

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