Kim Kardashian Set to Star in and Produce Comedy 'The 5th Wheel'

Kim Kardashian is ready to take her acting skills to the next level.

According to reports, Kim is attached to star in and produce the The 5th Wheel, a comic pitch that will be scripted by Paula Pell and Janine Brito.

Five studios are reportedly battling for production rights.

via Deadline:

Kardashian has been very hands on in the pitch for the female-driven comedy, appearing at each meeting to deliver the pitch and the studios are lining up to get in business with Kardashian.

Kardashian has done limited work as an actress, including lending her voice to two Paw Patrol films. She stepped it up with a scene stealing role in the most recent season of FX’s American Horror Story. Her role as a publicist earned her strong notices. Now, she’s looking to build off that and jump into the feature film realm. She also still has her hit Hulu series The Kardashians.

Pell is the Saturday Night Live vet who went on to work with Tina Fey on 30 Rock, and also with Amy Poehler and Judd Apatow. She also penned the comedy Sisters starring Fey and Poehler. Brito’s getting her first major screenplay after acting in Wine Country, which Pell also acted in.

Kardashian, Pell and Brito are all repped by WME. Will report more as this auction plays out.

Kim really doesn’t stop, does she?

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