Kim Kardashian Reveals if Kylie Jenner Plans on Getting More Cosmetic Work Done [Video] |

Kim Kardashian Reveals if Kylie Jenner Plans on Getting More Cosmetic Work Done [Video]


Now that Kylie Jenner’s lip secrets are out in the open, the Kardashian-Jenner family can openly weigh in on the subject of the 17-year-old going under the knife syringe & the added pressures of growing up famous.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Kim Kardashian spoke out about her younger sisters Kendall & Kylie growing up in the spotlight.

“I think that is just their reality,” Kim told Access Hollywood during an interview. “But they know when things are normal. They know that all their friends aren’t going on private jets. They know that they are growing up with a life of privilege, but they are super grounded and responsible.”

Kim also came to Kylie’s defense, insisting that while her upbringing is ‘different’, she still goes to school.

“She talks about this all the time herself. She’s always with her friends and having fun and people would question, ‘Are you going to school?’ She goes to school. She’s home-schooled. She has a year left. She goes to school every single day,” Kim explained. “So perception can be reality and people assume maybe she’s not in school because she’s not posting about being in school all the time.”

As far as Kylie’s lip injections are concerned, Kim says she’s supportive.

“I saw how for so many years she was so insecure about it. I mean, at 10 years old, she would say to me, ‘How come my lips aren’t big like you guys’?’ And I would see this insecurity… For me, I gave her advice and I still stand by that advice. I think it changed her confidence so much.”

Thankfully, as of now, Kylie has no intentions on getting anything else done.

“I think there are limits and there are boundaries, for sure. I think that you have to know the difference. She did something that made her feel better about herself and that’s kind of where you have to draw the line, and she knows that.”

Kim adds, “She doesn’t have a desire to do anything else. I’m totally okay with that because I know that’s where it stops for her.

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