Kim Kardashian Bans Bedside Sweets, Kanye's Written Four Songs Since Daughter's Birth

It’s been almost a week since baby Kimye arrived, and according to insiders, Kanye West has been very inspired.


“He’s been really inspired by the birth,” an insider shares with Life & Style of Kanye’s adoration for his daughter. “He’s written four songs already.”

We all knew that Kim Kardashian would be anxious to return to her pre-baby size, and according to reports she’s already started by banning certain foods from her bedside.

While she is not able to start exercising just yet, Kim is allegedly already watching what she eats.

The magazine claims that the star’s hospital room is chock-a-block with flowers but she has insisted well-wishers are not allowed to bring any tasty treats for her to eat.

‘She has over 30 bouquets from loved ones,’ a source said. ‘She told everyone not to bring sweets – she said she doesn’t need any temptations.’

It is believed that Kim and her daughter, whose name is yet to be revealed, will stay in hospital until the baby, who was born five weeks prematurely, reaches five pounds.

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via Daily Mail

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