Kid Cudi Opens Up About His Deleted Man-on-Man Kissing Scene in New Film 'James White': 'It was so good!'


Kid Cudi’s new film James White premiered at Sundance this past weekend.

The movie is described as “a hard-hitting drama that takes an unflinchingly close-up look at a twenty-something New Yorker enduring his father’s death, his mother’s cancer and deep personal demons.

In the film, Cudi plays a gay man (the best friend of the film’s lead character) and unlike actor/comedian Kevin Hart, Cudi had no reservations in taking on a gay role.

via Billboard:

“I’m mad [director Josh Mond] cut out my kissing scenes with David,” Cudi said with a wry smile during an audience Q&A session after the film. “We made out so many times — and it was so good! That’s my only gripe.”

“My thing is what story are we trying to tell here,” Cudi told Billboard. “I didn’t flinch. I’m secure with mine. I’m an artist — it’s all about playing characters that are intriguing and stimulating.”

Let’s not forget — Kid Cudi was secure enough to wear that crop top, so we’re definitely not surprised he’s willing to take on such a ‘stimulating’ role. We’ll have to check James White out if/when it hits theaters.

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