Khloé Kardashian Says Rob is Dating Again Amid Blac Chyna Lawsuit

Finding his happiness. Rob Kardashian is ready for love after focusing on himself outside of the spotlight.

via: Page Six

Khloé Kardashian gave a rare update on her once-reclusive brother’s love life during part two of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reunion on Sunday, which he did not attend.

When host Andy Cohen asked Khloé, 36, whether Rob, 34, is dating, she replied, “Yes.”

“I know Rob is feeling really good about himself right now and he’s working really hard on himself,” she added.

Khloé went on to explain that Rob had decided in part to step back from filming their family’s E! reality show in recent years because women have used him for his fame in the past.

“It’s not so much about physical appearance,” she said, referencing Rob’s past struggles with his weight. “It’s a lot of how he felt internally about some of the women in his life and how they treated him or how he felt they might have used him to get to certain areas or levels.”

Khloé told Cohen, 53, that Rob’s failed romances over the years have “really affected” his self-esteem, adding, “My brother is such a lover and has the most incredible heart and personality.”

As for how Kris Jenner’s only son is handling Chyna’s wide-ranging lawsuit, which she filed in 2017 after the cancellation of the former couple’s show “Rob & Chyna,” Khloé revealed that Rob feels partially responsible.

“I know he feels really guilty about that, so none of us ever make him feel bad about it,” she stated, adding that the family can “only imagine how hard” it is for Rob to have to co-parent his 4-year-old daughter, Dream, with someone who is suing all of them.

Khloé went on to explain that the family “never blurs the two,” insisting they “respect that Chyna is the mother of Dream.”

In January, Rob and Chyna, 33, finally reached an agreement that allows them to share custody of their daughter on an alternating schedule.

However, the model’s lawsuit is still going full steam ahead. The trial is set to start on Oct. 18, as Page Six previously confirmed, and will likely see a number of Kardashian-Jenner family members take the stand.

After Rob and Chyna split in late 2016, he infamously posted explicit photos of her on social media, prompting the “Real Blac Chyna” star to get a restraining order against him in 2017.

The exes had gone public with their relationship in January 2016 and welcomed Dream that November.

Hopefully Rob has better luck than his sisters.

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