Khloe Kardashian to Give Lamar Odom a Second Chance?


Lamar Odom says he’s ready to make a change, but is Khloe Kardashian ready and willing to forgive him?

A source close to the Kardahian says yes.

“I want to make it work with Khloé,” Odom exclusively told In Touch while at his hotel in New York City, where he’s undergoing physical therapy before returning to Los Angeles.

Not only does he want to make it work, but he’s planning on seeing her.

“I’m going to see Khloe. I’m going to see her soon,” Odom revealed, adding that he’s “focusing on getting better.”

It’s been just two months since Khloe filed for divorce, but her friends say she’s having a change of heart.

“He confessed his feelings and cried his heart out to her on the phone,” the family insider said. “She’d been avoiding his texts and calls for weeks, but when she heard him pleading with her to take him back, she melted.”

While it’s none of our business, after watching this we don’t think it’s a good idea. Sometimes it’s better to just let things go and move on.

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