Khia BLASTS Beyoncé & Serena Williams for Making 'Black People Look Bad' & The Game Claps BACK: 'Don't Yo Neck and Yo Back Hurt?' [Video]


Khia took to the airwaves of an Atlanta-based Internet radio station to BLAST Beyoncé’s Lemonade video.

“F**k her,” Khia said. “First of all the video was tired, and through, and long and it made black people look bad as hell. B*tch, you waking around with this blonde long a** hair but you want African queens and kings in your video.”

She then blasted Bey for having Serena Williams twerk beside her.

“Had [Serena Williams] as her goddamn jester, dancing and stripping for her. I can’t believe Serena got on there and was Beyonce’s prop twerking in a body suit in this long a** black slave a** video. 

Khia had some criticism for Serena herself too.

“Here you is black as a black juicy berry. And you getting in front of this hoe and letting her have her legs gapped open in the chair while you twerking for her like the slaves masters had us doing.” 

Check out footage of Khia’s rant below.

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The Game took to Instagram to defend Beyoncé’s video and read Khia for filth at the same time.

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