Keyshia Ka'oir Wants You to Know She Does NOT Have Three Kids in Jamaica

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir tied the knot in a lavish ceremony earlier this week and the whole thing was chronicled for ‘The Mane Event’ docuseries on BET.

Over the last several months leading up to the big day, rumors have circulated that Keyshia is mother to three kids that live in Jamaica that she kept hidden from the public. When the alleged kids didn’t appear at any point during the wedding ceremony, the rumors intensified with many questioning why Keyshia didn’t want her kids to be part of her new lavish lifestyle.

According to Keyshia, she doesn’t have three kids in Jamaica.

We’ve heard rumblings of Keyshia’s children for quite some time. We can’t definitively say whether she has kids or not, but saying you don’t have three kids in Jamaica is NOT the same as saying you don’t have three kids.

They could be in Miami for all we know.

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