Keyshia Cole Wants You to Know She's Not Perfect and She's NOT on Drugs: 'A Lot of Changes are Happening in My Life Right Now' [Photo]


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Keyshia Cole took to Instagram to let fans know that despite recent rumors, she’s not on drugs or doing anything crazy….she’s just going through a lot.

She shared the above photo along with a lengthy caption:

Listen. Don’t judge ok!!! This is life!! And I’m thankful for it all!! The good the bad and the ugly!!! Failed marriage, bad choices in the a few that promised me the world and said all the right things and did opposite. What can I say, it’s facts!!! I’m human! Yes I have issues that I deal with from my upbringing, y’all kno my life!!! Shit I’ve had how many reality shows… displaying the truth!!! ? I’ve never fronted on my mother, neither one! Never disowned my mother because of drugs. (She’s the reason I would NEVER even try Drugs) You all have seen me grow, I’ve created a wonderful life for my child.#ThisGirlFromOakland #Cali so yes it pisses me off when someone says She’s just like her mother!!!!!! You kno why? Because no I’m not perfect but God made a way and I took it!!!! I put that work in!!!#Don‘t #Take #That #Away #From #ME I love all my fans and people who have seen me since the age of #21 I’ll be #35 this year!!!! A lot of changes are happening in my life right now!! #¬†respect you all!! No judgement passed!! All ???????? thankful for all my real friends! ????

Good to know.

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