Keyshia Cole Snaps on a Supportive Fan: 'Don't Get Blocked'


It’s not uncommon for people on social media to insert themselves in situations they have no business in. As a celebrity going through a very public relationship situation, we can only image how much criticism is directed at Keyshia Cole each and every day.

One fan didn’t quite get the response they were looking for when she attempted to offer some support & encouragement to Keyshia regarding her family.

The fan tweeted:

“@KeyshiaCole Remember that you stood before God,” the fan tweeted “I know everyone talking about ‘She hurt, that album is going to be hot.’ This is your life. Fight.”

A seemingly offended Keyshia snapped back:

“Don’t get blocked.”

The fan quickly offered an apology to Keyshia and tried to clarify her intentions:

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to offend you or your family.”

“Again, I apologize.”

Keyshia realized she may have overreacted and accepted the fan’s apology — but not without telling her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

“It’s all G,” she replied. “You just have no idea what you’re speaking on, love.”

Yikes. We’re sure she was just trying to help.

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