Keyshia Cole Believes Her Bad Behavior Led to Rapper Eve Ending Their Friendship [Video]

On Sunday, Feb. 6, TV One aired a new episode of “Uncensored” featuring R&B songtress Keyshia Cole.

via: Hot97

Keyshia said she had to learn “not to put her hands on people.”

She explains, “there was an incident with Eve where somebody grabbed her bag as we were walking out and I turned around and slapped the girl. Eve is really pissed about that, like we stopped hanging out.” Keyshia says Eve didn’t like that Keyshia couldn’t control her hands at the time, which ultimately became the demise of their friendship.

Watch the clip below.

Keyshia went on to say regretfully that moment created a negative drift in their friendship and that her behavior could’ve been more appropriately placed. “I should have left that to security,” she confesses in the clip. “Somebody get’s paid for that, you know what I mean?”

The “I Changed My Mind” songtress attributed her response from being an Oakland, California native. “When I came straight from Oakland, it was still in me,” she said, adding that when “disrespect” would happen in the area she grew up in, the response was fight or flight. “It took a long time [for me] to learn to not put my hands on people.”

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