Kevin McCall Ordered To Cough Up $1.5M To Ex Over Alleged Freeway Assault

Kevin McCall was hit with a 7-figure judgment after a former partner sued him over alleged domestic violence.

via: HipHopDX

McCall has been made to pay for an alleged assault that happened on a freeway back in 2019 — and it’s going to cost him seven figures to settle the debt.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online reveal that the rapper and producer — who has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown — has to pay $1.5million to his ex (who is listed in the paperwork as “KM,” a pseudonym to protect her identity) after he allegedly assaulted her while she was driving her car, after she’d kicked him out of her home where he’d been living.

“K.M. said McCall was still at her home and refused to leave. She offered to drive him to his grandma’s home,” reports the outlet. “During the drive, she claimed he took out a joint to smoke. The accuser said she objected and tried to take the joint away.”

The outlet continues: “She said McCall then punched her in the right side of her head, ‘causing her head to slam against the driver’s side window.’ The accuser said she was able to pull the car off the freeway and come to a stop. She then claimed that as she wiped blood off her face, McCall took her phone and called his daughter to tell her not to believe anything she ‘might hear about him and that it was not true.’”

Ultimately, Radar Online reports that a judgment was found against McCall on Friday (July 14) after he stopped responding to the suit, resulting in a default award for the victim.

While Kevin McCall’s most recent — and most famous — ex is Real Housewives of Atlanta and America’s Next Top Model star Eva Marcille, it’s not clear whether she was the one who brought the suit, as the defendant chose to remain anonymous throughout the trial.

This isn’t the first time that McCall’s hands have gotten him in trouble. Back in 2016, Dominique Johnson, who was a friend of his, claimed that he knocked her unconscious.

At the time, she documented her injuries, past communications with the artist, a police report, and more in close to a dozen posts made to her Instagram account.

In the caption to her posts, Johnson claimed she was knocked unconscious and beaten “until he saw blood,” after she demanded that the singer get out of her car. She added that she suffered from two lacerations and a missing tooth.

Other Instagram posts showed various documents, including one where Johnson filed a previous complaint against McCall. The others are new documents with lawyer paperwork and the hospital report that confirms she lost her tooth “due to trauma.”

McCall then fired back at the assault claims. “This shit is a lie! you can’t blame me for Ugly…this is played out bro,” McCall wrote in response to a Twitter user.

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