Kevin Federline’s Ex Shar Jackson Claims Britney Spears Knew They Had a Baby On The Way |

Kevin Federline’s Ex Shar Jackson Claims Britney Spears Knew They Had a Baby On The Way

Britney Spears claims that she was “clueless” that Kevin Federline had a child – and another one on the way – when the two started dating in 2004.

via: Page Six

“When Kevin met Britney we had three kids and one on the way and we were living in a six-bedroom house in Orange County, California,” the “Moesha” star claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail published Friday.

The backup dancer and Jackson had one child together, a daughter named Kori, but he helped raise her two kids from a previous relationship as well.

“One day, when I had bad morning sickness and was about six months pregnant, Kevin had an audition for a Coke commercial or something in LA … then I didn’t hear from him for three days,” Jackson, 46, continued.

She said she found out Federline and the “Womanizer” hitmaker met the first night he disappeared.

“I felt angry and betrayed and I went numb. I went onto autopilot,” she recalled.

In her new bombshell memoir, “The Woman in Me,” Spears claimed she was “clueless” about Federline’s situation and confronted him as soon as she found out.

“You have kids? You have children? Not only one child but two children,” the 41-year-old star recalled saying to her beau when she discovered the news.

She claimed a close friend had told her the information once she had already been with him for “a while.”

However, Jackson refuted Spears’ claims and said she was fully aware — and even waited outside the Orange County, Calif., hospital as Federline watched his second child, a son named Kaleb, come into the world.

The Grammy winner and actor reportedly got engaged days after Kaleb was born.

They would go on to tie the knot in 2004 and welcome two sons, Sean Preston, now 18, and Jayden James, now 17.

“When I married Kevin, I meant it with all my heart,” Spears wrote in her bombshell memoir.

She said their union began to crumble when her husband became “enthralled by the fame and power.”

“Again and again in my life I’ve seen fame and money ruin people,” Spears penned. “And I saw it happen with Kevin in slow motion.”

As for Jackson, she has no bad blood with Federline — who split from Spears after three years of marriage — at this point in her life.

“I think [Spears’] relationship with Kevin was a fantasy for both of them,” she hypothesized.

“I never hated Kevin because if you really love someone you can’t hate them.”

Reps for Spears did not immediately return our request for comment.

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