Keri Hilson Responds To Twitter Bullying: "You have no idea what your hateful words could do to someone's spirit"

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson posted a series of tweets earlier this morning urging Twitter bullies to stop misinterpreting everything that she says on the social networking site. Hilson has been the target of criticism ever since she took a few jabs at Beyoncé in the remix to her 2008 song, “Turnin’ Me On.”

If you don’t remember, this is what Hilson said in the lyrics to the song:

She can sing, but need to move it ‘to the (left)’ / She need to go have some babies / She needs to sit down, she fadin’… / Go ‘head and tell them folks how long I been writing your songs / I been puttin you on, just check the credits ho.

Flash forward five years later and Hilson is still being tormented by fans of Beyoncé, which is why Hilson posted the following tweets. Now Hilson didn’t refer to Beyoncé specifically in any of her tweets, but it’s pretty obvious what she’s taking about.

Keri Tweet 1 copy

Keri Tweet 2 copyKeri Tweet three copy

Keri Tweet five copy

Keri Tweet six copy

You gotta ignore those e-ballers, Keri!

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