Kenya Moore Dishes on Her New Boyfriend, Apollo & More on 'Wendy' [Video]

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Kenya Moore stopped by The Wendy Williams Show where she talked about all of the season 6 shenanigans on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She opened about about her new love interest, wanting kids, the end of her friendship with NeNe, what she thinks of Mama Joyce and Todd, and whether or not she believes she was wrong for her interaction with Phaedra’s husband Apollo.

Get into a few excerpts:

On her new boyfriend:
She calls him her “African Prince” but says he’s not descended from royalty.  Kenya says he’s very successful, runs a multi-billion dollar company, and is a “mature” man.  When asked if he was over 60, Kenya joked “No…I need somebody with a strong back”.

On her birth mother:
“She wanted to give me up for adoption. She was 16 when she had me.  I think they made the decision that she was going to pretend I was never born.  From that….she’s just operated like that whenver I’m around.  I’ve seen her many times since I was child. I can be in the same room …and she just pretends I’m invisible.  I have room in my heart (for her) because I’m not a monster.”

On playing Jay Z’s girlfriend:
She played Jay Z’s girlfriend in the past “Money Ain’t A Thang” video, joking, “I played Jay Z’s girlfriend for a day…Beyonce, I had him first!”

On returning Apollo’s text:
“Considering everything…I was absoloutely wrong. He initiated the text, but I returned the text.  And I was wrong.”

On Kandi’s fiancee Todd:
“I think Todd is smart. I think he loves Kandi.”

On Mama Joyce:
“I think Mama Joyce is off her rocker…..literally.”

On NeNe Leakes:
She says NeNe has changed since she isn’t the”big Hollywood actress” she was last season.  “It’s not like it used to be.  You’ll see in a couple of episodes…it gets really bad.”  She revealed there were no physical confrontations among the housewives.

Get into the video below!

[via The YBF]

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