Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Threatened to Pull His Music From Spotify in Response to New 'Hateful Conduct Policy', XXXtentacion's Music Will Return to Playlists

Spotify is reversing course on its new ‘hateful conduct’ policy.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Spotify’s policy will stop promoting artists based on “an artist’s or creator’s behavior,” and immediately affected R. Kelly and XXXTentacion, who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

Well, Kendrick Lamar wasn’t feeling the policy and reportedly threatened to pull his music from the service if they choose to uphold it.

via Fader:

Bloomberg reports that the decision to change the policy came after several members of the music industry, including representatives for Kendrick Lamar, expressed frustration with the policy. Internally, Spotify employees themselves rejected the new policy, as well as its abrupt rollout. Many members of the music industry were also initially confused by the change, believing these artists were removed from Spotify altogether. In the general public, confusion over the many artists accused of sexual misconduct who weren’t removed was also puzzling.

After the policy was enacted, it was reported that XXXTentacion’sstreams had decreased and it was projected that he would lose $60,000 a year because of the changes. R. Kelly’s streaming numbers were reportedly unaffected by the policy. Lucas Shaw, who wrote the story, tweeted that “R Kelly is probably not coming back to playlists in any way shape or form. He is viewed as irredeemable (not just by Spotify, but by many in the music industry).”

The FADER has reached out to reps for Spotify and Kendrick Lamar for more information.

It appears as though Spotify has created quite a mess.

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