Kelly Rowland Confirms Engagement, Reveals Fiancé Proposed via Skype [Video]

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Kelly Rowland officially confirmed her engagement to her manager/boyfriend Tim Witherspoon on The Queen Latifah Show.

“He put a ring on it,” Rowland admitted in an interview airing Wednesday on The Queen Latifah Show, happily holding up her hand when Latifah insisted (Thanks, Queen!) on hearing the details in this clip exclusively obtained by E! News.

It’s not like we didn’t already know, but she admits that the two kept the relationship pretty private.

“It’s been a while,” Rowland acknowledged. “We’ve kept it very, very low—for years, to be completely honest.”

But what we didn’t know was how the proposal went down.

“He asked me first on Skype,” she recalled, laughing, “and I was like, ‘We’re so far away from each other.'”

“There’s nothing like getting engaged in Bulgaria,” Latifah said, feigning a Slavic accent. “It’s the happiest thing that happened in Bulgaria that day.”

“Exactly,” Rowland agreed. “But it was so late, I remember we were both just kinda like, honestly, just staring at each other. And he asked me, and it was just that simple to say yes. I was like, ‘I got my best friend to ride through life with.’ He really is my best friend.”

Congrats to them! Check out the clip!

[via E! Online]

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