Kelly Ripa Exposes Andy Cohen's Racy Texts, Says He Once Sent a Photo of His Potential Hookup's Dick While She Was at Work

Kelly Ripa once received an unexpected dick pic from good friend Andy Cohen while she was on the set of ‘Live With Kelly and Mark’ — but it wasn’t Andy’s dick, It was his potential hookup’s.

via Page Six:

“So, my work iPad is open and I’m sitting here reading through my notes and [“Live” Executive Producer Michael Gelman] is over my shoulder trying to show me something,” Ripa explained on Wednesday’s episode of her podcast, “Let’s Talk Off Camera,” featuring Cohen as a guest.

“And suddenly a completely erect penis pops up.”

“Let’s call him Bobby,” Ripa, 52, continued. “It just says, ‘Bobby’s c–k,’ and it’s, like, a text from Andy Cohen, ‘Bobby’s c–k.’”

The “Watch What Happens Live” host, 54, explained that he was planning to have a “sex romp” with a straight, Boston-based couple, which is how he acquired the pornographic pic.

Cohen — who wrote about wanting to have a ménage à trois with a heterosexual married couple in his most recent book, “The Daddy Diaries” — never sealed the deal with the Boston twosome.

Ripa was happy about the failure, as she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, worry about their friend’s safety when it comes to hookups.

“Mark and I get very nervous with this stuff on your behalf,” she said. “I’m constantly convinced that it’s going to be a couple of serial killers.”

“I’ve had this discussion with you many times, where I’m so afraid for your life.”

Ripa and Cohen’s chat also included a frank conversation about what the Bravo honcho misses now that he’s a single dad of 4-year-old son Benjamin and 1-year-old daughter Lucy.

“I miss sleeping and I miss walking around naked and I miss being the only one in my house. And did I say freedom? I do miss the freedom,” he told the “All My Children” alum before clarifying that he doesn’t “question” his decision to have children “for a second.”

The king of reality TV added, “I often think to myself, ‘Well, what would I be doing if I didn’t have kids?’ And I think, ‘Well, I would be masturbating and getting high.’”

“I still masturbate and get high plenty with kids,” he quipped, “so maybe I’m not missing that much.”

Cohen was spotted on dating apps Scruff and Grindr just three weeks after his son was born.

Then in 2022, one month after his daughter was born, he told Page Six that he’s “on a lot of dating sites.”

“I really use them more as video games,” he joked at the time.

Well…we wonder what would’ve happened if Mark saw some random man’s dick on Kelly’s phone.

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