Kelis and Her Kids ‘Almost Fell Off A Cliff’ Driving in California Snowstorm [Video]

Kelis and her kids almost plunged down a cliff during a snowstorm in Southern California.

via: Page Six

“My truck got stuck,” the “Milkshake” singer said in Instagram footage shared Sunday while panning over to her vehicle’s precarious position. “It’s, like, hanging.”

She continued, “Praise God the tow truck actually made it. We’ve been outside for awhile.”

Fortunately, Kelis, 43, and her family members had snowboarding gear to keep them warm.

“I’m wearing layers to keep warm,” she explained while showing off her “ridiculous … rescue fashion.”\

Kelis noted, “I’ve got my light on, thank God, because it’s pitch black out here. Silver boots [for] a little reflective action. Things could be worse.”

In the video’s caption, Kelis revealed her “plan was to take the kids to the snow” amid the blizzard, the state’s first since 1989.

Kelis’ Instagram followers poked fun at her decision to turn the emergency “into an OOTD moment.”

One user wrote, “I’m glad you all are OK and turning a sour situation into a sweet one.”

Another added, “Not you almost dying and then giving us a fashion show, Chile!”

While Kelis did not clarify which of her children were involved in the near-accident, she is a mother of three.

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