Keke Palmer's Security Camera Footage Showing Darius Jackson' Abuse Submitted As Part of Restraining Order Petition [Photos] |

KeKe Palmer has evidence to back up up her claims that ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson was physically abusive during their relationship.

Keke submitted stills from her security footage showing the apparent abuse as part of her plea for a restraining order.

via Radar Online:

Palmer told the court, “I am very concerned for Leo’s safety with Darius given his violent, volatile, and jealous nature, comments he has made which have caused me grave concern, and the lack of restraint Darius has already exhibited regarding his temper in front of our son.”

The entertainer claimed Jackson had been abusive during their relationship which lasted from June 2021 to October 2023.

“The abuse during our relationship was not just physical, but emotional and manipulative. Darius would “love bomb” me and make me feel like I was the most important woman in the world, only to get extremely distant and cold over a perceived insult to him,” she wrote in an emotional declaration.

Palmer claimed Jackson showed up at her home unannounced on November 5, 2023.

She said before 11 AM, Jackson burst into her bedroom and demanded to see their son. Palmer said he wanted to take their 8-month-old to a football game.

Palmer opposed him taking their son. She claimed Jackson started screaming at her before he “lunged at me, grabbing at my neck and face, knocked me backwards over the couch, stole my phone out of my hands, and then ran out of the house.”

She said the police were called and spoke to all parties. Palmer said the police told her to file the restraining order.

In her petition, Palmer described another incident that went down in February 2022.

The actress said Jackson “choked me and body slammed me onto the stairs in my home after becoming violently jealous and irrationally angry over a bikini picture.”

Palmer said Jackson became enraged over a bikini photo of her. She said she showed him a photo of her workout results while at a friend’s party.

She said she only showed him the photo but he still became upset. “On the drive home, I was worried that we would get into an accident because of how angry he was. Darius spent the rest of the night yelling at me, not letting me sleep so he could keep yelling at me,” she said.

“In the bedroom, he slammed me on the floor and slapped my head from side to side. The next morning, he was standing at the bottom of the stairs near the front door, screaming at me as I was coming down the stairs,” Palmer said. “When I was almost at the bottom of the stairs, he grabbed me around the neck and body slammed me back onto the stairs.”

Palmer included screenshots of the security camera footage from both incidents. A judge has yet to sign off on her petition.

Jackson has yet to respond. As we previously reported, Palmer filed for full custody of their son earlier today.

We feel so bad for Keke. Darius and his brother can go straight to he–.

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