Keke Palmer Puts Trey Songz on Blast for Allegedly Putting Her in His Video Without Consent, Trey Responds [Video]


Keke Palmer took to social media earlier today to blast her (former?) friend Trey Songz for ‘using her likeness’ in a video she didn’t approve of.

Trey dropped the video for his song ‘Pick up the Phone’ featuring Fabolous from his newly-released ‘Anticipation III’ mixtape. In the clip, Keke has a short cameo that apparently she wasn’t aware of.

According to Keke, she was in Miami and was invited to a party over at Trey’s house. At the party, Trey & his people asked her to be in the video several times — and she denied. Keke said that because she was under the influence having a good time that she didn’t feel like she was in the right mindset¬†to make a business-related decision.

Somehow, someway, someone got a few shots of Keke in the mix and Trey put them in the video without her consent.

Trey took to Twitter to dismiss Keke’s version of the story.


Who do you believe? You can watch the full video below.

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