Keith Douglas BLASTS Ex-Wife Tasha Smith in a Series of Tweets and an Open Letter |

Keith Douglas BLASTS Ex-Wife Tasha Smith in a Series of Tweets and an Open Letter


Tasha Smith’s ex-husband, Keith Douglas, took to Facebook and Twitter to share an open letter about his marriage.

This morning, news broke that Tasha managed to get their marriage annulled because a judge ruled that Keith’s entire existence is a fraud…basically.

In a series of tweets, Keith blasted his ex-wife, saying that she lived her life ‘recklessly’ and that ‘drugs, disease, and a destroyed reproductive system’ wreaked havoc on Tasha’s heart.

Now, if you thought THAT was a lot — check out this open letter Keith posted to Facebook.

An Open Letter from Keith Douglas:

When you have decided to give your life over to God, you should not be surprised when the devil begins to levy attacks against you in the most hurtful way possible. Giving yourself over to God means even giving up your ego. I can say that this past year has been an incredible challenge. The closer I get in my relationship with God, the more I am able to discern. But I press on.

I know what it is to lose someone that you love and care for deeply. Regardless of what anyone may think, I loved my ex-wife Tasha Smith deeply. Through this experience, I know what it feels like to literally find myself sleeping with the enemy. There is nothing that compares to that sense of betrayal and hurt when someone you have prayed for, been vulnerable with and shared with becomes repelled by your spiritual relationship with the Father. But I do know that what the enemy intended for evil, God has turned into nothing but joy.

You see, when you declare your faith in a public manner, you put the devil on notice that not only has your soul been counted in the heavenly roll, but that you are now going out to actively seek the lost. And you know the devil wasn’t having that. I have been lied to, lied on, talked about and mistreated in the most public of ways and I can still stand before you and say…but God!

Let me tell you something, the flesh will scream out to you to be vindictive and to meet injustice with injustice. Your ego will tell you that you need revenge. But the truth is every upset is truly a setup to come closer to the Father…if that’s what you choose. Rather than living my life with bitterness I choose daily and sometimes moment to moment to trust that no matter who lies, or deceives or attempts to hurt me, greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world.

Brothers and Sisters know this, when you have the true light of God shining in your heart and spirit, the enemy has no choice but to flee! Dark cannot exist with light and evil cannot shine in the presence of God. When you see people scurrying away from you as fast as they can, let the light of the Lord shine even brighter. When people who were once your closest friend and ally suddenly try to erase your very existence from their life, count it all joy! It doesn’t feel good in the moment but trust me when I say that when people try to drag you through the mud and scandalize your name, it’s just another opportunity for you to wave your hands and thank God for delivering you from evil.

The problem is we sometimes see people through the filter of our flesh. We see a pretty exterior not realizing there is nothing but rotten fruit on the inside. We think that through our love we can change or help them because we want them to feel the love of God in their lives too. But in the same instance when we are asking God on our knees to rid us of anyone and anybody who means us harm, we don’t always make the connection. Sometimes God has to remove people that we don’t want to let go. But trust me when I say, God is the ultimate authority and where we lack vision and sadly sometimes discernment, God sees and knows all! The things we don’t see or refuse to acknowledge become painfully clear and when the name of the Lord is spoken, the demons must flee!

As I approach this new season in my life, I continue to pray for God’s mercy on me and for the divine discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide me. I have been through the fire but I continue to thank God for keeping me safe in His arms. I pray that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you remember that sometimes God says you have to let go. God will not allow anyone or anything to hinder your relationship with Him. Trust Him and know that He loves and cares for you. That’s why I can truly say that I am ending this year with a peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray the same for you! If you would like more information on how to overcome adversity and how to live a God filled life, check out my book Artificial Intelligence. Let’s move towards peace and prosperity together in 2016!

Why is it that whenever people get accused of doing fraudulent things they always want to bring up God? Sorry Keith, you can’t fire off a series of shady tweets about your ex-wife in the name of God. It doesn’t work like that.

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