Kehlani Confirms They're a Lesbian: 'Everyone Knew But Me' [Video]

Kehlani, who has long identified as queer and bisexual, proclaimed herself a lesbian via a TikTok post today.

via: Pride

Kehlani mentioned it offhandedly on Instagram live earlier this month, which sent their fan base into a frenzy, but because of the casualness of how they spoke about it, many couldn’t tell if Kehlani was serious.

Now they are setting the record straight.

“I finally know I’m a lesbian,” Kehlani revealed in a TikTok posted earlier today addressing fans. “I am gay gay gay gay gay.”

They joked about having a heart to heart with family and friends to tell them about their new self-discovery, but their reaction wasn’t quite what they expected: “We know, duh stupid,” they said.

“I want you to fall on the floor and be like congratulations we had no idea,” Kehlani reflected. “The f*cking closet was glass.”

So that settles it then!

“I just wanted y’all to know that everyone knew but me,” Kehlani concluded.

The 25-year-old has a 2-year-old daughter, Adeya Nomi, with guitarist Javie Young-White. Kehlani plans on raising their daughter “in a progressive, loving environment surrounded by family, where identity won’t ever be an issue,” according to a recent interview with The Advocate.

“All my friends, all her aunties, uncles, her godparents, everybody is just loudly queer,” Kehlani said. “Our generation already kind of broke the mold of getting to that point, so I don’t even think our kids are going to think about it as something that they have to identify and differentiate. I feel it should be normal. We’ll be reading queer stories, queer books where the baby has two dads, two moms, two parents who don’t identify as either. Movies that have that. She sees healthy queer couples. So, I don’t think that she’s going to even think about it as, this is different from normal.”

Sending the best to Kehlani.

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