Karrueche Tran Asks Court to Freeze Former Manager's Assets, Believes He Squandered $1.4 Million She's Owed

Karrueche Tran is asking the court to freeze her ex-manager’s assets saying she fears he is spending all the money he allegedly stole form her.

via The Blast:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Karrueche is asking for an injunction against her former manager Jacob York and his company Electric Republic. She believes he failed to pay her $1.4 million from projects. The two are in the middle of a nasty lawsuit.

In the newly filed documents, Karrueche says Jacob has refused to hand over accounting for her money even after being dragged to court. She says her ex-manager dragged out the case for weeks with fake promises of a settlement.

She recently learned Jacob has been having issues paying his own lawyer which concerns her. Karrueche believes, “it indicates Defendants have likely squandered the monies fraudulently withheld from Plaintiff and will either be required to liquidate assets in order to satisfy debts or will be incentivized to secret away such monies to place them beyond the reach of their creditors.”

Karrueche signed with the management company in 2016. In her suit, she said she allowed Electric to collect her monies and take their 20% before sending it to her. Chris Brown’s ex says she relied on her manager to provide her with accurate accounting.

She started to feel suspicious after learning her manager failed to pay her $267,000 owed from personal appearances she made. After she found out, Karrueche had her lawyer fire off a legal letter demanding the amount and accounting for all their other ventures.

Karrueche reached out to her third party makeup partner for an accounting of sales. Once she received the accounting it showed her deal with ColourPop made $1,795,026.33 in royalties, which her managers were to be paid $359,005.27, leaving her with $1,436,021.06.

She said the problem was her managers only paid her $276,003.90. The suit read, “Electric had only paid Tran $276,003.90 attributable to the Venture, thereby causing Tran to believe that the Venture had only generated approximately $345,004.87 in total revenues. Defendants encouraged this false belief by repeatedly misrepresenting to Tran that the Venture had not been particularly successful and that her relatively low royalty payments were therefore to be expected. In truth, the Venture had been one of ColourPop’s most successful cosmetic lines to date.”

She is suing for $1.4 million in damages. Her ex-manager fired back at the lawsuit denying the allegations. He claimed to have spent a ton of money to fund her “lavish lifestyle” and he was owed money for these expenses.

He writes, “Defendants expended considerable monies to launch, promote, and market Plaintiff’s fledgling career, including but not limited to, paying Plaintiff’s monthly expenses, acting lessons, and funding her lavish lifestyle, to say the least.”

A judge has yet to rule.

She might need to take another page out of Rihanna’s book and hit him with the “b*tch better have my money!”

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