Karma: Thief Steals iPhone from 13-Year-Old, Immediately Gets Struck by Train


A petty thief got what was coming to him after he was struck by a train on Tuesday morning. The accident happened just moments after he stole an iPhone out of the hands of a 13-year-old boy.

via Complex:

Berthony Louis reportedly swiped a 13-year-old’s phone in Queens and fled the scene by leaping onto the tracks, New York Daily News reports. Little did he know, a Manhattan-bound express train was headed his way. The 33-year-old was clipped by the approaching train and, surprising, only suffered a few bruises and cuts to the face.

Unfortunately, the incident caused a major delay in train traffic. He was still hiding out in the tunnels when authorities shut off the power and a police search commenced. “The police were walking up and down outside the train screaming, ‘Say something or die!'” witness Patricia Soto said. “But the thief was staying quiet. He didn’t want to get caught.”

The pursuit went on for nearly an hour, causing several trains to be rerouted and many passengers screaming in agony for a very different reason. “One woman had a panic attack. She was sweating and shaking,” Soto added. “She had to go stand between two cars to get some air.”

Louis, who is expected to live, was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and is currently facing several charges. 

Karma’s a b*tch.

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