Kanye West and Soulja Boy Squash Feud Over Soulja’s Verse Being Left Off ‘Donda’ [Photos]

Following Kanye West’s reveal in last week’s Drink Champs episode that he took Soulja Boy off Donda because he didn’t like his verse, Ye has posted a text exchange between the two where he apologized for not being honest with Soulja from the beginning.

via: Rap-Up

“Yo it’s Ye,” he wrote in the text, which he shared on Instagram. “Love you bro I should have told you I wasn’t gonna use the verse.”

Soulja accepted his apology, responding, “Love you too bro. That’s all I wanted.”

Kanye reportedly reached out to Soulja and asked him to record a verse for his DONDA song “Remote Control.” However, their relationship took a turn after it was cut from the album without his knowledge.

“Idk how to feel, Kanye sent me that song ‘remote control’ and I don’t hear my verse on it… hmm f**k that ni**a,” Soulja tweeted in August.

He went on to leak his full verse while blasting Ye on Twitter. “That ni**a Kanye so pussy. Lame ass ni**a thought he could be the president sit yo goofy ass down somewhere that’s why Hov don’t fuck u weirdo,” added Soulja before threatening violence. “You a bitch @kanyewest and if u got a problem with what im saying I’ll knock u out my ni**a.”

According to Soulja, Kanye previously removed him from his 2008 song “RoboCop.” “He did this same shit on Robocop when Amber Rose was in the studio years ago,” tweeted Soulja. “I hate working with this dude. He needs help seriously.”

Earlier in the week, Kanye proposed that he and Drake end their ongoing feud. “Both me and Drake have taken shots at each other and it’s time to put it to rest,” he said while standing alongside Rap-A-Lot Records founder J Prince.

He also invited Drake to join him on stage during a Dec. 7 concert in Los Angeles to free Larry Hoover. “I believe this event will not only bring awareness to our cause but prove to people everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride to the side and come together,” he said.

While Ye did say that he didn’t like Soulja’s verse on Drink Champs, the rapper also said that he thinks Soulja Boy is one of the top 5 most influential rappers today.

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