Kanye West Says Amber Rose Did NOT Stick a Finger in His A*s, Explains His Conversation w/ Taylor Swift in 20 Minute Club Rant [Video]

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Kanye West let his Twitter fingers rest for a few hours on Tuesday night while he partied it up at 1 OAK in Los Angeles.

At some point during the night, he got on the mic and went on a lengthy rant in which he tried to set a few things straight.

1, He called Amber Rose a liar and insisted¬†“that b*tch never stuck no fingers in my ass.” He said she owes him an apology. He later went on Twitter and apologized for his use of the B-word.


2, He continued calling out Taylor Swift, also insisting he specifically asked her if she was okay with the ‘bitch’ line in his song “Famous.”

Oh, and at some point he told everyone to sign up for Tidal — and the crowd wasn’t really feeling that — so he popped off a bit.

To be honest, we prefer public rant Kanye vs. Twitter rant Kanye. Watch a shortened version of everything he said below.

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