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Kanye West: ‘Racism Is a Dated Concept’ [Video]

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 25, 2013

Hush, Kanye.

Kanye West has been making headlines a lot lately, but we’re not sure he’s been making those headlines for the right or best reasons.

Before landing back in the States this weekend, Kanye sat down with Clique TV over in France and offered up a pretty interesting perspective on racism. Get ready.

“It’s like a silly concept that people try to touch on, to separate, to alienate, to pinpoint anything. It’s stupid. It’s like a bouncing ball in a room with two cats or something, when you don’t feel like playing with a cat. Let them literally fight over the bouncing ball. And the bouncing ball has nothing, no purpose, anything other than that it bounces. That’s racism. It’s not an actual thing that even means anything. It’s something that was used to hold people back in the past, but now there’s been so many leaps and breaking of the rules that it’s like it’s played out like a style from the 1800s or something.”


We… yeah. We’re going to let you guys handle that one.

Kanye also addressed white people using the N-word at his concerts.

“It’s true that white people use that word at concerts. It’s like when my words get taken out of context. I can say anything I want on a beat, but when I would say it in an interview, it would be taken out of context, and all, ‘Oh, he’s an ego-maniac.’ But it’s like, ‘Wait a second, this is the way people rap.'”

Sometimes it’s SO DIFFICULT to interpret what Kanye is trying to say.

If you have 34 minutes to spare – and unshakable patience – check out the interview below, and share with us your thoughts!

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