Kanye West Plans to Host Another Listening Party at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium

While Kanye West has been holed up in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium finishing his album Donda, he may be planning to use the stadium once again for a listening event for the album.

via: Revolt

With pressure from CAA and Live Nation, he is now thinking of ways to bring a different experience to his fans and ensure that the 75,000-seat venue sells out as it did the first time around. .

West had reportedly been playing his Donda album in more private settings before he took the records to the Atlanta stadium last week.

After his fashionably late entrance, Ye — who donned an all red ensemble — previewed the different songs and collaborations with the likes of Lil Durk, Lil Baby and JAY-Z, who sent his verse moments before the live event. Fans assumed the project would come out at the end of the show, but nothing was released. Justin LaBoy, who some have deemed Ye’s Donda spokesperson, later informed fans that the upcoming “classic” was being pushed back.

Yeezy is now living in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium while he completes his album in a makeshift “Donda” studio. Despite the small cot and humble living space he displayed on his Instagram page, Atlanta broadcaster Karyn Greer reportedly claims he’s spending $1 million a day for his stay.

If there are no last minute changes to West’s schedule, Donda is set to drop on Aug. 6 — the release date for Nas’ King’s Disease II. As he puts the finishing touches on his album, he is also being pressured to tap into his creativity and host an extravaganza with streams that rival the numbers from last week’s event. As REVOLT previously reported, a whopping 3.3 million viewers tuned in to watch Ye’s listening party, breaking Apple Music’s global livestream record.

Given his living situation at the arena and his new release date for the album, maybe the listening should take a backseat to actually finishing the thing for the time being.

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