Kanye West Covers 'W' Magazine: 'I Am Misunderstood & There Is No One In Fashion That's On My Side'


Kanye West rocks a bright yellow hoodie on the 2016 October cover of W magazine!

Check out a few excerpts from his interview, which the mag notes “was edited and condensed for clarity.”

On his early love for fashion: “On Yeah, like five years old. I just liked picking out my own outfit for kindergarten. Now my daughter definitely picks out her own outfits and she will lay it down and look at it and say, ‘This is not great.’ And then she tries to tell me what to wear and what she likes out of the closet, like just my mom being in a fur store and me picking one and saying, ‘I like this one mom,’ and her looking at the price and it being the most expensive one. So, I think that’s where I got the expensive taste from.”

On the fashion industry not being on his side: “I wouldn’t say that anyone in fashion is on my side. I don’t think there’s anyone on my side. I’m not saying I like that. I’m saying that to this date they do not understand who I am. They will not understand until after I’m gone. I am misunderstood and there is no one in fashion that’s on my side.”

On his definition of success: “For me, money is not my definition of success. Inspiring people is a definition of success. Doing things to the maximum….You know what’s my definition of success? Being able to be 39 years old, a black male, and articulate myself in this way and back it up. My definition of success is dropping a Charlie Sheen-level tweet and being like, ‘I am in debt and fuck you.’ Now what?”

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