Justin Timberlake Slammed by Britney Spears Fans After New Documentary

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 7: Singers Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the MTV Music Video Awards held at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY on September 7, 2000. Timberlake’s band ‘Nsync won awards for Best Pop Video and Viewer’s Choice. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Fans are demanding Justin Timberlake apologize for his past treatment of Britney Spears. They haven’t dated since 2002, but their relationship is back in the news with the release of “Framing Britney Spears.”

via: Page Six

Justin Timberlake is being taken to task by Britney Spears fans following the release of a new documentary about the “Toxic” singer.

“Framing Britney Spears,” a New York Times documentary, details Spears’ life in the spotlight, including mental health struggles and a conservatorship helmed by her father, Jamie Spears. One part of the fascinating documentary focuses on Spears’ youthful romance with the NSYNC star in the early 00’s — and the aftermath, which included allegations that Spears cheated on Timberlake.

Timberlake fueled the narrative with the video for his 2002 song “Cry Me A River,” which featured a blond actress, who resembles Spears, sneaking around behind his back.

Diane Sawyer then further fanned the flames when she interviewed Spears in 2003 and pushed the then-22-year-old to tears.

“You broke his heart, you did something that caused him so much pain, so much suffering. What did you do?” Sawyer hammered away at Spears.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to call out Timberlake after the doc dropped.

“Justin Timberlake needs to get his apology ready…” one person wrote, while another noted, “Watching Framing Britney Spears is a pretty easy way to feel angry about misogyny, Justin Timberlake, and how we rake every girl and young woman in the spotlight over the coals!”

“Twenty-five minutes into the nyt britney doc and ready to slowly pull out each of justin timberlake’s teeth with a wrench,” another angrily noted.

The film follows the ongoing #FreeBritney campaign, a movement spearheaded by the singer’s ardent fans — the Britney Army — who feel that she is allegedly being controlled by her father against her will. They have held protests and publicized the cause on social media.

I think we all probably have ex from the past that we could apologize to for something. Good luck Britney, it looks like the next court date over the battle for conservatorship is on February 11.

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