Julissa Bermudez Pops Off on Kim Kardashian in Defense of Adrienne Bailon

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Julissa Bermudez has come to the defense of her friend Adrienne Bailon after Ms. Bailon caught heat from The Kardashians’ and their millions of followers.

In case you missed it, Adrienne Bailon told Latina magazine that the ‘Kardashian’ name hurt her career and then Kim & Khloe both popped back on Twitter.

Now, Adrienne’s BFF and former 106 and Park co-host Julissa is indirectly popping back at Kim.

She tweeted:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.46.58 AM

If that’s not shots fired, we don’t know what is.

But if we’re being perfectly honest — this is the most press both Adrienne & Julissa have received in quite some time.

It is interesting that all of a sudden Julissa as such nasty things to say about Kim (and her sex tape), especially when only a few years ago she was ‘just showin’ some love!’

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*sips tea*

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