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JR Robinson Says He and Tamar Braxton Have Reconciled: ‘I’m Committed to Loving This Woman Forever’

Tamar Braxton’s ex Jeremy Robinson has officially confirmed their reconciliation.

via: BET

After calling it quits in October, the couple has spun the block, and their love story is back on track. On Monday (Dec. 4), Robinson took to Instagram with a lengthy message to announce he and the “Love Is War” singer are back together.

His post included sweet photos of the duo. One featured them hugging each other while standing at a dinner table, and another showed them smiling at the camera.

“How deep is your love? How deep is the connection that God provided the way for? How do you handle adversity, heartbreak, and healing?” Robinson began in the caption of the post. “Well, I can testify that love hurts, love is beautiful and love is God’s gift to our hearts. But what are we willing to sacrifice and are we willing to fight for it?”

Robinson explained he had to “fight hard to push past the hurt, and past my own ego, because God kept bringing me back to how much I love @tamarbraxton.”

Furthermore, the personal injury lawyer said he had to “heal” to “see the beauty of their love.”

“At times, I was angry, I was mad with her and so while I was single – I took advantage of people who were ultimately trying to take advantage of me with a singular goal in mind. Hurt people, hurt people. And for that, I take accountability for wanting her to feel some of my pain. The truth is, it really just hurt me in the long run and my healing was what was needed.”

Along his healing journey, he said he “couldn’t possibly want to be with anyone else” than Braxton. “I am incredibly touched by how much she fought for me! I’m committed to loving this woman forever.”

In October, Robinson and Braxton split after meeting on the dating reality show “Queen’s Court,” which was followed by an engagement.

In an IG post, he said. “I fell in love and it did not end how I wanted it to.”

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