Jordyn Woods Pushes Back on Reports Quoting How She Feels About Not Being Invited on Kylie Jenner's Vacation

Jordyn Woods wants you to know that her alleged feelings about not being invited on Kylie Jenner’s most recent vacation aren’t actually her true feelings.

In an article posted by Page Six the publication claimed a source close to Jordyn’s family told them she isn’t “harping on what could’ve been had she not hooked up with Tristan Thompson.”

The source continued:

“This vacation makes it kind of clear that [Kylie and Jordyn] are moving on and doing what they have to do to move on with their lives,” the source said. “It is what it is. The writing’s on the wall. Jordyn would love to be back on the same page with Kylie and love to have their friendship back, but she kind of has the attitude, ‘I’m a grown woman.”

Jordyn took to Twitter to respond to ‘headlines’ and claims she never spoke to anyone about Kylie’s vacation.

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