Jordan Peele's 'Nope' Rakes in $44 Million for Opening Week

Jordan Peele’s Nope opened in theaters this weekend and pretty easily won the top spot at the box office.

via: Revolt

Although the horror movie didn’t secure another career milestone for the director, it’s a strong start for an original movie. Nope is the highest opening weekend for an original film since Peele dropped Us three years ago.

The movie reunites Peele and Daniel Kaluuya, and adds Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun. The storyline follows siblings who try to unearth video evidence of UFOs. Palmer exclusively told REVOLT that her costar, Kaluuya, is on the trajectory to legendary status. She said, “He’s so young and he’s an Oscar winner. He’s an icon in pop culture due to his performance in Get Out and what that story meant. He’s very much so legendary.”

When asked about one of the biggest takeaways from the film, Palmer said, “One message audiences will gain after seeing the film … well, there’s a lot audiences will gain because the film touches on so much in terms of grief and the exploration of how we deal with it, as well as how it affects us. There’s a lot to say on how we’re searching to be seen in a lot of different ways and how sometimes our efforts in that regard can lead us to a dreary path. It also touches on family and how family is really something we will always have and should focus on, but sometimes we forget what that really means. It’s a bunch of different things, a lot of stuff — everyone will take something different from it.”

Previously known for his comedic work alongside Keegan-Michael Key, Peele reached new heights in 2017 following the release of Get Out. He dropped BlacKkKlansman, Us, and a remake of Candyman under his Monkeypaw Productions imprint. Watch the second trailer for Nope below, which premiered in theaters on July 22.

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