Jonathan Majors Poised to Play Dennis Rodman in Film Chronicling Basketball Player’s Infamous 48 Hours in Vegas

If there’s one thing we learned from The Last Dance — well, other than the whole “Michael Jordan makes for some pretty good television” thing — it’s that you could isolate any of a number of things that happened to the 1998 Chicago Bulls and turn them into a pretty interesting bit of media. Some movie executives agree with this general premise, which is why we’re getting a film based on Dennis Rodman’s famous 48-hour bender in Las Vegas, when Rodman left the team for a few days to blow off some steam and was found in bed with Carmen Electra by none other than Jordan himself.

via: Complex

Deadline reports the 33-year-old actor is now negotiating with Lionsgate, which secured the rights to the film more than a year ago. The project won’t follow the biopic blueprint, as it’ll strictly focus on Rodman’s well-known Vegas trip with a “skittish assistant GM” for the Chicago Bulls. The wild getaway went down during the 1998 NBA Finals, as Rodman and the Bulls looked to secure a three-peat.

“There’s only one Dennis Rodman,” Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group President, Nathan Kahane, said at the time. “In 1998, there was nobody on Earth who’d be more fun – or maybe more dangerous – to party with. And yet that’s not even half of who he is. This movie takes you on an unforgettable ride with the myth, the legend, and also the man that Dennis is, behind everything you think you know.”

Rodman’s Vegas trip was highlighted in the 2020 docuseries The Last Dance, which revolved around Michael Jordan and the 1990s Bulls. Jordan VanDina was tapped to pen the film’s script, with Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Aditya Sood producing. Rodman, Ari Lubet, and Will Allegra will also serve as executive producers.

“We could not be more thrilled to be working with Phil, Chris, Aditya, Ari, Will, and Jordan, and above all, Dennis, whose amazing career and life will make for an off-the-wall hilarious yet completely human and emotional movie,” Kahane added. “You think you know anything about ‘The Worm?’ Just you wait!”

Majors also starred in the HBO series Lovecraft Country, Disney+’s Loki, and Da 5 Bloods. He’ll also appear in fast-approaching war drama Devotion, Creed 3, as well as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Stay tuned as more information about 48 Hours in Vegas becomes available.

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