John Stewart Mocks Obama's Debate Performance to His Face [Video]

Naturally, the President handled it with the light-hearted we have come to expect him to.

Barack Obama made his sixth appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday.

In an interesting opener, Jon Stewart started the interview by playfully joking with Obama over his ‘calm-approach’ at the first debate with Mitt Romney. Jokingly explaining that he’s working on his campaign scrapbook, Stewart pulled out two post debate photos and asked the president if he could identify which was from the first debate and which was from the second. The choice was fairly clear.

President Obama took the joke in stride, and, in fact, cracked several jokes about his “sleepy” performance later that evening at the annual Al Smith Dinner. Remarking on being judged the winner at the second debate, he explained he had been well-rested because of the “nice long nap I had at the first debate.”

Check out the clip below:

via Huffington Post

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