John McEnroe Asks For "A Bit Of Respect" After Leaked Zoom Meeting With Travis Scott Over Sneaker Naming |

Travis Scott and tennis legend John McEnroe’s spat over their collaborative Nike sneaker has continued to heat up.

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Last week, a leaked Zoom meeting surfaced of Travis Scott and tennis legend John McEnroe getting into a heated debate. The pair were seen going back and forth over the naming rights of the Nike Mac Attack.

On Sunday (Dec. 10), McEnroe appeared in a video posted by fashion page The People Gallery. Notably, the three-time Wimbledon champion modified a pair of the aforementioned sneakers by writing “Mac” over Scott’s Cactus Jack logo. He was also seen wearing a “Cactus Mac” T-shirt.

In the video, McEnroe directly addressed the “Antidote” hitmaker by emphasizing his historical connection to the sneakers. He stated, “I was wearing these things in the ’80s before this guy was born. Now, all of a sudden, Travis Scott’s got this thing, Cactus Jack, so I just made it Cactus Mac. I mean, come on. A bit of respect — that’s all I’m asking for.”

As some users pointed out in the comment sections, the clip may be part of a promotional stunt by Nike. One person wrote, “Seeing this, that call was for sure marketing.” Another shared, “This timing is actually wild. Impeccable”

In June, Nike announced the revival of McEnroe’s Mac Attack shoe, with Scott redesigning the silhouette. The sneaker launched in a white, light silver, and black colorway that paid homage to the original design the tennis player debuted in 1984.

At the time of reporting, neither Scott nor Nike publicly commented on McEnroe’s recent remarks.

The Houston native has been a longtime collaborator of the footwear company. They previously partnered for renditions of the Air Force 1, Air Trainer 1, Air Max 270, and Dunk Low, to name a few.

“My relationship [with Nike] started when I was a kid, even if they didn’t know it at the time,” Scott told Complex in 2017. “I have always been into the brand and have always wanted a relationship with Nike. Nike has always been supportive of my career. They always found a way to support me with my music.”

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