John Amos Accuses His Daughter of Elder Abuse: She 'Has Taken Advantage of Me' [Video]

The GoFundMe page created by John Amos’ daughter Shannon Amos to raise $500,000 for “legal, medical, future housing, and care expenses” for her father has been taken down.

via: EW

Amos’ claim comes a week after Shannon publicly declared her father as “the victim of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.” She provided no further details as to who was involved, but said the victimization was “believed to be perpetrated by a trusted caregiver.” Now, the 83-year-old is claiming his daughter is the “primary suspect.”

In an Instagram video shared by his son K.C. Amos, the former Good Times star, detailed his perspective on the ongoing situation.

“I’m not in the hospital as a result of anything that happened recently, other than the fact that about a month ago, I was hospitalized because I was suffering from water retention and a couple of other issues — all of which have been corrected, or at least addressed,” Amos said. “I’m very confident in the doctors that I have here and the medical staff that my son has assembled all around me. So I feel very good about that.”

He went on to explain that his primary concern is his daughter, who called attention to his health in May. “My main issues are I feel like, prior to entering the hospital, I had some ongoing issues with my daughter, who I feel has taken advantage of me. She would be the primary suspect, if you would. She is the one that I would attribute my elderly abuse to.” The actor did not provide specific details backing up his allegations of abuse and it was not clear if he had been in physical contact with his daughter recently.

Shannon previously started a (since-deactivated) GoFundMe page on behalf of her father, where she detailed returning home from her travels to find her father “fighting for his life in the ICU.” She sought to raise $500,000 for her father to “catch and prosecute the alleged perpetrators.” She also claimed to be working closely with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Custer County Sheriff’s Office. Regarding the fund, she said, “Our priority remains my father’s medical needs and providing him a safe haven. His home had been violated, stripped of anything valuable.”

The elder Amos initially spoke out to refute claims that he was “fighting for his life.” His publicist Belinda Foster previously told EW that the actor was “doing well” after being hospitalized with heart problems last month in Memphis. She added, “To suggest that he’s fighting for his life, that’s ridiculous.”

Per Foster, Amos also wasn’t aware of the fundraiser. “He had no idea there was a GoFundMe put together by his daughter, Shannon,” Foster said. “He had no knowledge of it. He doesn’t need a GoFundMe. He’s doing well and he doesn’t understand why she put this thing together.”

A statement from Shannon’s spokesperson, Anne Torres, provided to EW read: “Ms. Amos is disheartened at the continuation of false and defamatory statements being made against her by, or on behalf of, or in connection with news reports based on social media posts by Mr. Kelly K.C. Amos. In an effort to stop and prevent further defamation to her reputation, Ms. Amos is requesting that anyone making, encouraging, inducing and/or aiding and abetting others to make false statements to immediately cease and desist. Although Ms. Amos hoped to keep this family matter private, the allegations being made against her are falsely impugning and maligning her character, and affecting her well-being. None of the allegations are based in fact, and she is exploring all legal remedies available to her. Ms. Amos hopes this matter will be resolved soon through the proper authorities.”

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