Joe Budden Reads DMs Drake Sent Him, Addresses People Calling Him a Hater [Video] |

Joe Budden Reads DMs Drake Sent Him, Addresses People Calling Him a Hater [Video]

Following a wave of speculated jabs and mentions from Drake, Joe Budden finally retaliated with episode 665 of his eponymous podcast.

via: Complex

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden revealed that Drake reached out to him in his DMs and left a 55-second voice note. Budden said he didn’t listen to it because he wants people to speak to him with “love.”

Budden eventually read DMs Drake sent him, in which he said he doesn’t have beef with Budden and actually wanted him to give a critique of the album.

Drake also allegedly addressed Budden’s criticism of his friendship with Kai Cenat and the women he hooks up with, telling Budden to keep his critiques strictly focused on music. He wrote that he doesn’t want Budden to talk about his life and planting “seeds” to “turn people” against him. According to Drake, if Budden is going to talk about the music, it’s fine, but speaking about “fucking 25-year-olds” is malicious.

Budden also had a bone to pick with all the people questioning his legacy as a rapper, which Drake invoked in that now infamous Instagram comment.

“I’m sick of people attempting to spin the narrative that I’m a hater. That’s what I’m sick of,” Budden said. “Every time I get into it with one of these n****s…This is a thinly veiled attempt at revisionist history for the TikTokers and the streamers is what this is. This is who he is speaking to, the people that know me for this.”

Budden continued to take aim at the younger generation, who may not be aware of his former career. “Unfortunately for y’all out there, there’s some people that was there. They lived through it before TikTok was a thing. You gotta go ask like your cool uncle,” he said. “You gotta go ask your dad, some of y’all your moms. You gotta ask your older cousin that was moving around outside…Some grandparents… The problem with this is, y’all can not, you can’t unqualify me because I was qualified before you were a thing. It’s just a fact.”

Budden explained that the generational gap between himself and Drake is partly why they have “this thing,” adding that his critique of rappers comes from the perspective that he’s one of the best to ever grace a microphone.

“To the kids that are confused out there, when I sit on this couch and talk, I speak from the position of one of the best rappers in the world at all times,” Budden said. “I speak like that’s what I was, I speak like that’s what I am, I speak like that as I will always be. I get how that can be confusing for some of y’all cause there is no metric to support it.”

He added, “But what I mean by that is any room, anywhere, anybody for years, ask your cousin. It’s well-documented what I do. I feel this way and speak this way because all of the best rappers in the world have told me to my face.”

The recent drama between Drake and Joe Budden began after the “Pump It Up” rapper heavily criticized the Toronto megastar for making an album that’s geared towards the younger generation. Budden also called out Drake for hanging out with people younger than him and not being around people his age.

Drake wasn’t rocking with Budden’s take on the album and proceeded to drag him on Instagram with a series of IG Story posts and a message that called him a “failure” in rap while giving advice to younger artists to avoid winding up like Budden.

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