Joe Budden Calls Out Kai Cenat For Dissing Killer Mike's Best Rap Album Grammy Win, Kai Claps Back |

At the 2024 Grammys last Sunday, February 4, Killer Mike won Best Rap Performance (“Scientists & Engineers“), Best Rap Song (“Scientists & Engineers”), and Best Rap Album (Michael). Killer Mike was predictably euphoric, but Twitch streamer Kai Cenat had trouble accepting that anyone beat out Travis Scott’s Utopia or Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss for the award.

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On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the former rapper went into a full rant about Cenat and other streamers who felt a way about the veteran Killer Mike sweeping the award show on Sunday night. According to Budden, the streamers who are confused about Mike’s win need to quiet down.

“Shut your ass up,” Budden said. “Y’all little streaming n***as don’t always run shit. Shut the fuck up. We don’t care about none of that little streaming, moshpit, marked car whatever you n***as is doing over there.”

Budden argues that streamers need to de-center themselves from the conversation when “adults” are talking.

“U-fucking-topia. U-nope-ia n***a. I’m just so happy that the streaming, that the little fuckity fucks finally have a look in the mirror moment and say, ‘Oh, it’s not about us.’ No, adults are out, n***a. N***as got pocket handkerchiefs in. N***as got fly shit on. Yeah, real execs, business people, you little fuckity fucks,” he continued.

Budden’s frustration with Cenat stems from the 22-year-old dissing Killer Mike’s win after the Grammys, when he went live on Twitch and complained about the Michael rapper.

“Who decided this motherfucker?” Cenat said during his Twitch livestream, before pounding his desk and screaming at the camera. “Who the fuck decided this motherfucker? Her Loss? Utopia? Metro Boomin?”

On his podcast episode, Budden talked about how sick he is of Cenat and other streamers complaining about older generations getting their shine. As far as Budden sees it, the people need to get behind Killer Mike.

“Shut up for a change,” Budden said. “I’m so sick of these n***as. We only get to do this once a year. Listen, we gotta rush behind Killer Mike. Killer Mike won; we gotta let these n***as know what the fuck we really think.”

Kai went in on Joe and his latest “case of old n***a syndrome” on his stream Wednesday night.

“Y’all stop talking about streamer n***as, bro…I would buy you, my n***a. … You say it don’t come off as hating but you always bringing me up, bro. Relax, my n***a. Stop,” Cenat said.

He went on to add, “Respect to the old n***as for sure. Respect to ’em for sure. The only thing I would say I was wrong at was not even [being] able to do my research on Killer Mike and shit like that. But in the moment, if I wanna voice my opinion, I’mma voice my opinion. 100 percent, bro. And that’s some people’s problem, y’all don’t ever let the young n***as flourish—the young n***as think Utopia is fire, let the young n***as think Utopia is fire.”

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