Jodie Turner-Smith Praises Joshua Jackson for Giving Her 'All the Support' as a Working Mom |

Jodie Turner-Smith Praises Joshua Jackson for Giving Her ‘All the Support’ as a Working Mom

He comes from a long career in film & television. She is consistently making her own waves in Hollywood today. Together, husband & wife team Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith are each other’s biggest supporter.

via: People

In an interview with Bustle, the Queen & Slim actress talked about how speculation on her personal life because of her profession and marriage to fellow actor Joshua Jackson is something she won’t tolerate extending to her daughter, Janie, 2½.

“I think the bottom line is, I accept the thorns that come with the rose,” Turner-Smith told the outlet about how she manages her fame. “I accept them for me. I don’t accept them for my daughter.”

Being a working mom has its ups and downs, which Turner-Smith admitted to seeing more of as both areas of her life move forward.

“Historically, women have always been asked to choose between being great mothers and great at their careers,” she noted.

Turner-Smith, 36, went on to praise Jackson because he “has always tried to maintain that I would always have all the support that I needed so that I could do both.”

In addition, the couple has the support of Turner-Smith’s mom — who lives with the family — and at times, a nanny.

“Right now my daughter still comes with me most of the time, except when I go on trips that are under a week. That has been working for us so far,” she explained. “Obviously it’s challenging because I don’t want to create a space in which my husband can’t see her when he’s working.”

In June, Jackson joined the 3rd hour of Today with his Dr. Death costar Christian Slater during which he paused the interview to say a brief hello to his daughter watching at home.

After chatting about his time on Dawson’s Creek, Jackson asked if he could quickly stop the conversation to give his shoutout.

“If I can for one second. This is the first time my daughter is watching me on TV. So if I can just say, ‘Hi baby. Daddy loves you. I’ll be home tonight!’ ” he said, waving at the camera.

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