Jessie J Opens Up About Her Relationship With Luke James, Says She's Not In Love...Yet


Jessie J & Luke James just recently debuted as the new celeb couple on the block after a series of cute Instagram photos.

Now, Jessie’s opening up about their relationship in the latest issue of Glamour magazine.

She tells the mag:

‘Am I in love right now? I’m working on being in love. 

‘That’s the truth. I don’t want to sound mean. But I’m not in love…yet. I’m learning how to fall in love.’ 

Jessie went on to describe what being in love means to her. She says:

‘Being in love is when you can be yourself as if you were on your own, but they’re there.’

We’d have to agree with that. Because she and Luke’s relationship is SO new, we totally get where she’s coming from.

She added: ‘I’m at a point in my life where anyone I’m allowing to give that part of myself to, I want to give the chance for it to be forever. And he’s really amazing.’

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