Jerrod Carmichael’s Moving Rothaniel Wins Emmy for Writing [Video] |

Jerrod Carmichael’s Moving Rothaniel Wins Emmy for Writing [Video]

Congratulations are in order for Jerrod Carmichael!

via: The Root

Between living truthfully, being nominated for an Emmy for his deeply personal HBO special Rothaniel and stealing all the attention on the red carpet, Jerrod Carmichael certainly seems like he’s having a ball right now.

On Monday, he picked up the Emmy for Writing in a Variety Special for his stand-up special. The moving project features the Neighbors actor revealing that he’s gay. His honesty was inspirational and courageous.

“I wanted to win, I’m happy I won. Thank you very much,” he said on stage. “I made something that was of great personal consequence to me and this definitely contributes to the meaning of it. I’m not a sore winner, but I’m going to go home because I can’t top this right now.”

While speaking to the press backstage after winning, he touched on how the personal nature of the special affects his feelings about the award.

“I’m happy because it was really personal and I feel like me and Bo [Burnham] gave everything we had, so it’s very rewarding,” Carmichael said. “I went from trying to disassociate from awards, because I didn’t necessarily feel like I made things that got that kind of attention, to almost wanting this and being really excited. It’s been a long personal journey for me, but it’s nice.”

“I’m on the journey and I feel like that’s what art is,” the comedian added. “Just these little blips you make on your own personal journey. I think my special ends unresolved. I figure that out and look for answers in my personal life. I just want to make things that feel rea and are real to me. Unresolved as it may be, it’s real.”

Now let’s talk about that red carpet look. He was wearing a white fur—that he claims was worn by Puff Daddy in a music video—no shirt and a beautiful necklace. Considering how hot it was on the carpet, he may have had the best idea of wearing as few clothes as possible.

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