Jermaine Dupri Jokingly Responds to Fan Saying He ‘Fumbled’ Janet Jackson |

Jermaine Dupri Jokingly Responds to Fan Saying He ‘Fumbled’ Janet Jackson

Jermaine Dupri won’t ever live down losing the legendary Janet Jackson.

via Complex:

On Sunday, the legendary producer took to X to ask, “So I got a question? if the kids 16 to 30 are not listening to the radio, how does @hot1079atl birthday bash sell out and pls don’t say social media.”

An X user responded with something seemingly out of pocket: “Jermaine we not answering questions from anyone that fumbled Janet Jackson.”

But Dupri didn’t even bat an eye at the comment. “Whew whew you just said something!!” he wrote.

Dupri and Jackson dated for around seven years, from 2002 to 2009. Last year, Dupri spoke on their relationship in an episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game, telling the hosts that he didn’t seek out a relationship with her for business purposes.

“It wasn’t about no music shit,” he said, adding that he just wanted to “hang out.” He revealed that the former couple would bicker because he chose not to work with her. “We got [in] an argument about me not producing her because she was around me watching everybody else get hit records,” he said.

The pair were long-distance for the entirety of their relationship, with Dupri living in Atlanta and Janet near Malibu, which became a stressor for them. Neither of them were interested in moving.

But that wasn’t why the two ultimately parted ways. According to Vibe, in Jackson’s 2022 self-titled docuseries, she shared that they split due to rumors that he was unfaithful. “I had heard he was cheating,” she reportedly said.

The exes appear to remain good friends. In 2022, Dupri attended Jackson’s 56th birthday bash in Las Vegas.

Do we think Janet and Jermaine will pull a Nelly and Ashanti on us? We could see it.

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