Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Set to Earn $17.5 Million for 'Idol' Return


Jennifer Lopez is returning to the judges’ table for the upcoming season of American Idol.

According to reports, the singer/actress has landed a new contract worth $17.5 million dollars for the gig.

‘There was a lot of back and forth negotiating on her salary, but now it’s finally been settled that Jennifer will earn $17.5m to go back to Idol next season,’ a source told MailOnline exclusively.

‘It’s a major coup for her to land a huge payday like that and I believe she is thrilled with that number. It’s a lot more than the $15m Britney Spears was paid to do The X Factor.’

That’s quite a big jump from the $12 million she earned previously, but it hasn’t topped the $18 million reportedly earned by Mariah Carey for her seat last year.


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