Jennifer Holliday Gets Emotional Recalling the Death Threats and Racial Slurs She Received Over Her Now-Cancelled Inauguration Performance on 'The View' [Video]

Jennifer Holliday appeared on The View today to explain why she really pulled out of Donald Trump’s Inauguration Ball after being announced as a performer.

It was previously revealed that she was receiving death threats and racial slurs, but now she’s explaining exactly what her thought process was and why she ultimately decided not to perform.

Initially, Jennifer wanted to sing “Because I’m an artist and I love America.” She added, “I have performed for four other presidents. I started with Ronald Reagan, daddy Bush, Bush, the Clintons during their eight years… So I didn’t think anything of it.”

It wasn’t until she started reading the comments that she realized that “People weren’t really ‘doing’ America right now.

“I read everything,” Jennifer said. “They were saying I should kill myself or someone should kill me — all over singing a song.”

Watch below:

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