Jenna Dewan Slams Ex Channing Tatum as She Demands 50% Cut of His Profits From 'Magic Mike' Empire in Bitter Divorce |

Jenna Dewan Slams Ex Channing Tatum as She Demands 50% Cut of His Profits From ‘Magic Mike’ Empire in Bitter Divorce

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan continue to battle in court over ‘Magic Mike’ profits.

According to court documents obtained by, the actress slammed Tatum after he claimed she turned down several divorce settlement proposals over the past couple of years.

Dewan and Tatum split in 2018 and share a daughter named Everly. They quickly hashed out a custody deal but have been unable to settle the remaining issues including the division of their property and support.

The biggest issue is the division of profits from the Magic Mike empire. Tatum starred in the 2012 film — that was written and released during the marriage — and eventually grew it into two sequels, a live show, a reality show, and various other businesses with the Magic Mike name.

Dewan argued that she contributed to the project and it was created using community funds. She recently accused Tatum and his business partners of having created a web of LLCS and companies to hide profits from the Magic Mike world from her.

Dewan’s lawyer wrote, “Jenna contends that Channing, with the participation and assistance of his business manager and other associates has created a complex web of LLCs, holding companies, and partnerships, all of which are calculated to dilute and conceal the value of, and licensing income therefrom, the community property share of Magic Mike intellectual property and derivative assets.”

Dewan demanded the court order two separate trials in the divorce. The first would be about the Magic Mike money and the second would be able to remaining issues.

In response, Tatum denied the claims he had hidden money from Dewan. He said he has been open and transparent about the finances and Dewan was aware of all businesses.

“[Dewan’s] allegations in her [motion] are false, unfounded and unsubstantiated by information and documents already in her possession, as further detailed below. I believe Petitioner is making these allegations as a delay tactic and to seek a windfall from me, ignoring my post-separation efforts to enhance the Magic Mike intellectual property and related businesses,” Tatum wrote in court.

Tatum agreed Dewan was owed a cut of the empire but did not agree to her percentage demand. He accused her of tarnishing the Magic Mike brand with her allegations.

Now, in her newly filed motion, Dewan denied Tatum’s claims she’s dragging out the case. She said she agreed to one trial instead of two but wanted the Magic Mike issue heard before anything else.

Her lawyer explained, “Jenna is seeking trial management orders because the ownership of the story idea that comprises the Magic Mike Intellectual Property is the first question that must be answered before any of the other issues can be fairly litigated. In fact, but for Channing’s refusal to stipulate that the Magic Mike Intellectual Property currently held in two separate Property Holding Companies is equally divisible community property, this issue would not have to be tried first, or ever.”

Dewan said Tatum has refused to agree to provide her a 50% cut of the Magic Mike profits he receives.

Her lawyer added, “Given [Tatum’s] professed goal of expediting the trial in this case, [Dewan] renews her request that [Tatum] simply stipulate that the Magic Mike Intellectual Property being held in the two holding companies is equally divisible community property.”

Tatum has yet to respond to Dewan’s latest claims in court.

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