Jazmine Sullivan Gets DRAGGED on Social Media for a Very 'Self-Centered' Eulogy


Jazmine Sullivan is a topic of conversation this morning — and it has absolutely nothing to do with her artistry.

The singer posted a lengthy eulogy for deceased gospel singer Thomas ‘TC’ Clay, but instead of sharing why he’d be missed she shared a story about how he kept ‘bothering’ her trying to get her attention and how she curved him.

“I don’t know TC very well. What I do know is I gave him my number accidentally thru a friend and he reached out consistently for a year. I think I replied maybe three times but that never stopped him from writing me. He was DETERMINED,” she wrote in a since deleted post. “I had no idea who was “bothering” me until then and how dope he was.”


Needless to say, Twitter has a LOT to say about Jazmine for her comments.

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